Luxury honeymoons for less than $500

Book your honeymoon with airline miles and hotel points instead cash

Take the guesswork out of ‘honeymoon hacking’

Pick a package, earn free airline miles and hotel points, redeem for a honeymoon. It’s that easy.

Pick Honeymoon Package
Make an informed decision by
knowing exactly what’s included
Earn miles and points
One Page Action Plan tells
you what to do and when
Redeem miles and points
Enjoy almost free flights, hotels,
spa treatments, and much more.

Glenna & Bruce | Tahiti, 2016

“A second honeymoon was out of our budget and using miles seemed complicated. Trevor’s steps showed us how to book our dream trip to Tahiti for thousands less than we could have alone!”
How it works
Apply for select credit cards
Earn free flights & hotel stays
while improving credit scores.
Spend on cards to get bonuses
Don’t waste money to get bonuses.
Our tricks ‘spend without spending’
Unlock bonuses quickly
Let others collect miles for years.
Earn some bonuses in 30 days.
Fly and stay almost free
Redeem for flights and hotels.
Paradise for next to nothing!
Benefits for two people include

Luxury hotel stay (5 to 10 nights)
Economy roundtrip airfare
Hotel food and drink credit
Waived resort fees

Room and seat upgrades
Hotel buffet breakfast
Hotel lounge access
 Airport transfers

You have questions, we have answers…
  • Many credit cards offer free flights and hotel nights simply for using them to make purchases you’d make anyway. The challenge is knowing which cards are needed to visit a certain destination. In our program each person applies for only a few, select credit cards. Between two people, you’ll earn the frequent flyer miles and hotel points needed to book one of our honeymoon packages

  • The sooner you begin, the sooner you can book your honeymoon. With that said, most clients earn enough miles/points to book their honeymoon within 6 months. In somes cases it’s possible to book within 60 days. Our Action Plans outline how to book one of our honeymoon packages as quickly as possible.

  • You’ll need about 1 hour every 95 days to apply for credit cards. Later, once you have miles/points, it may take 1 to 4 hours to book flights and hotels. For two people, about 12 hours is required from start to finish. Our honeymoons retail from $4K to $11K. 12 hours is an excellent return on your time.

  • We get this reaction a lot. Why do almost free honeymoons exist? Banks are big business. In the competitive banking industry they must offer free flights and hotels to attract new customers. Here’s the kicker: 75% of Americans never redeem their miles/points. Banks, airlines, and hotels give away currencies that are never spent! We ensure you use your miles/points for a luxury honeymoon in an exotic location…at a fraction of the retail cost.

  • We tell you exactly how to book free flights to and hotels in your honeymoon destination. We’ve tweaked our Action Plans until even our internet-illiterate dads could understand them. Of course, we’re also a click away if you need us: email | leave a message

  • We’ve made a career of understanding how credit card applications affect credit scores. What have we learned? Americans don’t understand credit, no offense. Contrary to urban legends, new cards improve credit scores by increasing available credit and lengthening credit histories. Founder Trevor has an almost perfect credit score of 816 after 72 credit card approvals! You will only apply for a maximum of 6 new cards. Read more about how our system works on our blog

  • Credit cards are downgraded or cancelled to avoid fees. Except for a few cards whose sign-up bonuses are worth more than their fees, you will not pay fees to earn an almost free honeymoon. Keeping downgraded credit card accounts open improves your credit scores by lengthening your credit history. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. Our 1-page Action Plans give exact instructions on how to downgrade or cancel cards. This process takes only a few minutes.

  • Yes, yes there is. If you’re not approved for the first few credit cards, then simply send us a screenshot of the denial letter and we’ll refund your money. This allows us to prove that our system works, and for you to participate risk-free. We can’t wait to blow your mind with how easy it is to honeymoon for almost free.

Meet the team
Trevor | Founder | Chief Honeymoon Artist

I’ve used miles to visit 60+ countries, including 8 of our 10 honeymoon destinations. Before specializing in honeymoons my consulting agency earned clients millions of miles/points. Oh, and I love tacos. A lot.
Anna | Superstar Honeymoon Concierge

I keep operations running smoothly and assist with email inquiries from all you wonderful couples. Travel logistics fascinate me. Hobbies: crafting perfect honeymoons, chocolate, and visiting my favorite city, Rome.
Here are a few of our 35 destinations in 10 countries
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